Introduction to Qualitative Data

  • Qualitative data can take many forms, but text or transcribed audio-visual data are among the most common
  • Reusing existing qualitative data can help plan studies more efficiently and effectively
  • Qualitative coding and data analysis tools are each compatible with different formats of data
  • The Qualitative Data Repository is a source for vetted qualitative and mixed methods data

Setting up a Taguette Project

  • Taguette’s interface has two main sections, a left pane for navigating, and a right pane for viewing
  • Documents should be cleaned and anonymized, if needed, before adding to a Taguette project
  • Consistent document naming conventions make projects easier to navigate

Best Practices for Qualitative Coding

  • Qualitative code protocols are developed based on research goals and philosophies
  • Inductive research focuses on discovering or exploring themes and often uses open or in vivo coding
  • Deductive research focuses on testing hypotheses and typically applies a predefined coding scheme based on theory
  • In Taguette, tags are labelled codes applied to highlighted excerpts of text

Qualitative Data Analysis


Saving and Sharing Qualitative Data